COVID-19 Response Statement

Learn How Rinnai America Corporation Has Responded to COVID-19

Your Health and Safety Is Our First Priority

During this time, Rinnai America Corporation’s commitment to it’s brand promise of Creating a Healthier Way of Living continues to hold true. Our standards of making everyone’s health and safety a priority is guiding us each step of the way. Check out how we're working together to limit the spread of COVID-19 at Rinnai America.

Protecting Everyone’s Health and Safety

Our team members are the heart of our business and their health and safety is our top priority. Rinnai America has closely followed guidance from public health authorities to ensure the safety of not only RAC employees, but also customers, vendors, and third-party professionals who visit our sites. Shortly after the pandemic, Rinnai implemented a COVID Safety Response Council, and the Executive Leadership Team has established a cadence of meeting daily to discuss new developments related to COVID-19. The Council has been tasked with leading health and safety initiatives for all Rinnai employees, visitors, and customers with whom we are in contact.

Prioritizing Safety in our Lab, Manufacturing, and Distribution Centers

We are proud to have been able to maintain the same Rinnai high standards in our lab, manufacturing facility, and distribution centers throughout the pandemic. We continue operating efficiently, all while protecting the health and safety of our team members and customer’s daily. It has been an honor playing an integral part of the United States’ supply chain and being deemed part of the Critical Business Infrastructure. Throughout the pandemic, Rinnai America has continued providing hot water solutions (likely used to combat the virus) for variety of businesses and critical healthcare institutions.

Below are a few practices implemented to prioritize safety in the workplace:

  • Require every person entering any RAC location to wear a mask at all times.
  • Require temperature screening of every person entering any RAC location.
  • Reinforce handwashing and use of sanitizer multiple times each day.
  • Implemented a thorough daily cleaning routine completed by a professional environmental cleaning service.
  • Adequate supply of cleaning solutions, gloves, and masks for all workstations.
  • Ensure workstations are equipped for appropriate social distancing.
  • Implemented social distancing guidelines throughout each RAC location.
  • Require COVID safety training for all associates regarding our obligations in maintaining a healthy and safe environment.
  • Mandate all team members who are sick or exhibit symptoms, to stay home.

Encouraged Remote Working

Since March, all eligible team members have been encouraged to work remotely and continue working from home through the end of the year.

Restricted Travel

Most travel has been restricted. Those who require domestic travel are encouraged not to fly. Overnight stays are not recommended. International business travel continues to be suspended until further notice.

Supporting Impacted Employees

Rinnai’s brand promise of Creating a Healthier Way of Living is also a reflection of our company’s recognition of everyone’s need for balance and healthy living. Rinnai America has encouraged usage of the company’s Life Assistance Program (LAP) to help all team members in need of resources and guidance coping with the stresses of the pandemic and impact on their personal well-being. Rinnai also partnered with Percipio to create a learning & development channel designed to provide training on productivity and balancing work/life. The company also hosted a series of virtual engagement activities to stay connected (virtual lunchroom, video meetings, virtual events/parties, and impending virtual health walk). Rinnai instituted pay programs to financially aid team members who were directly impacted by the virus either due to childcare or being symptomatic/quarantined. As a good faith effort during the pandemic, our lab technicians, manufacturing and distribution team members received temporary pay incentives from March 2020 through July 31st. On August 1st, a formalized base pay increase was provided to all manufacturing and distribution center employees as recognition for their dedication and commitment to Rinnai America and our customers throughout the pandemic.

Supporting Our Communities

Corporate stewardship and community involvement remains a core focus. Since March, Rinnai has continued to maintain our position as community partners in the communities we work, live, and service. Rinnai has continued to donate to organizations such as Bloom, Real Life Center, and Midwest Food Bank. Hundreds of masks were donated to the local Piedmont Hospital in Fayette County.

While we are very optimistic that this pandemic will be overcome, we recognize the growing uncertainty regarding COVID-19 and the everlasting impact on our individual lives, our families, and society. For this reason, we reemphasize to all valued Rinnai America team members, customers, contractors, etc, the importance of continuing to follow all necessary safety measures and precautions both inside and outside of the workplace.

Rinnai America will continue to monitor all COVID-19 matters closely and make adjustments as needed. As we have stated before, the safety and well-being of every Rinnai employee has been and will continue to be our primary focus of attention.